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Reupholstering a Sofa


So, you have a sofa and you’ve had it for years. It fits perfectly in the nook in your New York City or Brooklyn apartment – which is rare! It’s given you many years of great comfort, and it’s a quality piece. However, the fabric that covers the sofa is stained, or is perhaps wearing. What to do?

When you find yourself in a situation like this, your immediate reaction might be that you must run out and buy a new furniture piece. However, new furniture pieces are often of less quality than our older, better made ones. Beyond which, once a piece has established its place in your apartment or brownstone, it’s hard to part ways so quickly. Will a new set fit? Do you want an entire new set right now? In such situations, or in situations, reupholstery is a wonderful option.

When evaluating whether to reupholster your piece, as with many things, cost and value must come into consideration. However, when evaluating the value of a furniture piece, the number on the page of a reupholster versus a brand new piece is not the only thing to consider. When determining the true value of a piece – and therefore determining whether or not to reupholster – you should consider the structure of the original piece and its overall quality and long-term sustainability.

Many brand names are automatic keepers, because of their reputation for excellence of quality. In excellence of quality is a frame that will last many, many years. Some such brands include Duresta, Ercol, Derwent, Collins and Hayes, Bridgecraft, Minty, Marks and Spencer, Peter Kroll, and Multiyork. If you spent the money to purchase one of these fine pieces of furniture, it is worth the money to keep it to reupholster. These pieces are ultimately of wonderful quality and will last you for years to come, even if the fabric that was originally on them does not.

When you reupholster a piece, you have many options as far as refurbishing, changing, and updating the piece. Your upholster is a great resource when deciding whether to update the padding, which could make the cushioning on your furniture piece softer, firmer, thicker, or thinner.

Your upholsterer will also have a wide variety of fabrics to offer for your reupholstered piece. As the fabric is the main element of change here, it’s important to be judicious. Beyond color, be sure to really understand the texture, weight, and feeling of each fabric. It often helps to bring a sample of the fabric to your home, to see how it blends with the other pieces in your house as well as the overall atmosphere of the home.

As important as the fabric and padding you choose for your new furniture is the person you choose to do the reupholstering. A skilled upholsterer is of utmost importance. You want a professional at a company with a wonderful reputation, whose work speaks for itself. When it comes to reupholstering, value truly does mean quality, both in the materials and the person working with them.

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NYC Furniture Upholstery | Manhattan Commercial Upholstery | New York City Sofa Reupholstery
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